SABC: How to Pack a Room

Photo by K. Wachter

Photo by K. Wachter

The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in San Antonio, TX

I’ve never attended a meeting in a room that could seat thousands that actually was seating thousands.  I fought to find a seat at this morning’s session at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.  By my back-of-an-envelope calculations, there were easily 5,000 people seated in the room.  That doesn’t count the people milling around to find a lone seat, the people who decided just to stand, or those who decided to camp out on the floor.  The turn-out this morning is part tribute to the success of this internationally attended symposium and part tribute to the research devoted to improving survival and quality of life for those stricken with breast cancer.

As a reporter, this kind of turnout is immensely rewarding and seriously frustrating.  It is very satisfying to attend a meeting that physicians, health care professionals, and patients/survivors regard so highly.  It’s intensely frustrating trying to balance a notebook, camera, and digital recorder on your lap, while trying to use all three almost simultaneously.

— Kerri Wachter

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