A Witness-to-History Protection Program

from the Internationl Symposium on Endovascular Therapy in Hollywood, Fla.


In an insular meeting room at a medical meeting it’s often easy to ignore what’s going on in the world outside. Not so on January 20. As the late-morning session was starting, the chairman said that in response to popular demand he’d interupt the series of talks at about noon to show an internet stream from Washington. After all, the hall had a large screen, and the wiring was in place to display live, remote case feeds.

On schedule, a couple of minutes before noon–coming conveniently between talks–a switch was flipped just in time to show the swearing-in of new Vice President Joe Biden. After a few minutes’ delay for the musical interlude, onto the big screen came the Chief Justice swearing-in President Obama.

His “so help me god” was followed by a burst of hearty applause in the room, and a quick return to the regularly-scheduled program. 

“I thought it would suck, being here during the inauguration, but it was fun seeing it on the big screen,” commented the session chair. The next speaker noted how he had a hard act to follow, and then launched into detailing the inflammatory conditions of the aorta.

—Mitchel Zoler



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3 responses to “A Witness-to-History Protection Program

  1. Kerri Wachter

    I *love* the meeting shot. It really brings a sense of the immediacy of the moment.

  2. Happy Inauguration Day! Obama’s election is truly a reason to be hopeful, and proud

  3. Alicia

    Good to hear that the world outside of D.C. cared about this moment. Great photo, too.

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