Bring the Kids

Photo by Kerri Wachter

Photo by Kerri Wachter

from the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies, Balimore, MD

Can’t find a sitter?  That’s no reason to miss the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting.  It’s fun for the whole family.  Well, probably.  I never actually got in to see the childcare program offered through the society but I’m sure the kids had more fun than their parents—and that’s saying something because pediatricians are folks who love their jobs.

In addition to the childcare services, there was also a special room for nursing moms.  I didn’t visit that room either but I have seen lots of infants and toddlers in tow at the meeting.  It’s not such a bad place to be a kid either.  As one pediatrician observed upon meeting a very fussy young baby, “you can’t be in a better place…we’re all pediatricians!”

—Kerri Wachter

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