In these shoes?

from the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Orlando

Image courtesy of Flicker user Porcelaingirl

Image courtesy of Flicker user Porcelaingirl

I spend a lot of time in convention centers.  I, and my sister medical reporters, also spend considerable time and energy on finding shoes that are both comfortable and still professional-looking.  You men out there have NO IDEA how hard this is.

So, we are always amazed by the choice of footwear of some of the female attendees at medical meetings in large convention centers.  I have special ASCO shoes.  Actually, I have two pairs.  ASCO shoes v 2.o are butter soft leather with great cushioning and I STILL had to fall back on ASCO shoes v 1.0 because I got blisters from all of the walking on the first day.

My fellow EGMN reporters—Patrice Wendling and Jane MacNeil—and I had many laughs over the incredible shoes that we saw at ASCO this year.  Gorgeous and high-heeled?  Yes, more than you’d think.  Weird?  Yes, there were some of those too.  Practical and flat? Yes, lots of those.

 Here’s a shot of some that I saw today (below).  All I could think was: Lady!  What are you thinking when you choose shoes like these, in which to cover all of that ground at ASCO?!


Photo by K. Wachter

Photo by K. Wachter

Want to see my shoes?  Here’s ASCO shoes v 1.0—some seriously sensible shoes.

Photo by K. Wachter

Photo by K. Wachter


OK, guys.  I’m done talking about shoes.  You can start paying attention to the blog again.

—Kerri Wachter

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4 responses to “In these shoes?

  1. I’ve seen the highest heels on pharma reps in exhibit halls.

  2. Mitchel Zoler

    More than two decades ago, I realized that there was nothing as versatile, durable, and reasonably comfortable as Sperry Topsiders. Originally designed for use on ship decks, they can get soaked in a rainstorm and recover. They work well with or without socks, and in the black color with a dark brown sole they look reasonable, I think, with both a sport coat and tie as well as shorts and a tee shirt and anything in between. I essentially only wear these, be it at a meeting or anywhere else. So you see, deep thoughts about footwear are not gender specific, although what I especially like about my original shoe epiphany is that ever since I have never had to give shoes any more thought, which I suppose is a pretty guy thing to say.

  3. Hah! What a great topic and one that often vexes many of us at conferences since all that walking at what seems like bigger and bigger venues will have a major impact on your enjoyment of the meeting.

    I saw quite a few Pharma senior management ladies in impossibly high heels, so we can only conclude they didn’t walk that far 🙂

    I too, have two pairs of conference shoes, both well tried and tested. They’re Italian loafers, one of the pairs is over 20 years old and gets repaired annually. I can walk all day in them but by the next day I have to wear the other pair or woe betide me!

    It’s interesting that many of the men can get away with black trainers, walking boots and boat shoes but somehow none of those cut the mustard on ladies. We just can’t carry them off in the same way, sadly.

  4. Kerri Wachter

    Yeah, Sally. I’m often jealous of men and the shoes that they can get away with at medical meetings.

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