The Electric Kandy-Colored Metamucil Test

From Digestive Disease Week, Chicago.

So this meeting is, theoretically, a 10-year-old boy’s dream..approximately 16,000 gastroenterologists and hepatologists discussing what goes on from the mouth out through the rear end. I’ve yet to hear anyone say “poop,” “fart,” or “burp,” but I did enounter a “Dr. Butt.”  All kidding aside, there’s plenty of fiber to go around — lots of studies of substance on hepatitis, obesity, Crohn’s disease, liver cancer, Barrett’s esophagus.

The Offending Product/Photo by A. Ault

The Offending Product/Photo by A. Ault

And apparently, there’s no lack of roughage in the exhibit hall, either.  As I strolled through yesterday, I was accosted by a young woman at the Procter & Gamble booth who thrust a tray of “pink lemonade smoothies” in my general direction and asked if I’d like one.  It looked marginally inviting, so I said, “sure.”

I sucked down a big gulp, instantly regretting it.  My regret turned to dismay when she announced that it was the newest Metmucil flavor.  Yep, Pink Lemonade.

Let’s just say that artificially-sweetened bubble-gum-ish psyllium was not on the list of culinary attractions I hoped to hit while in Chicago.  Nor did I fancy examining my own digestive functions close-up and personal later on in my hotel room.

The offending product was dispensed with forthwith.

— Alicia Ault (on Twitter @aliciaault)


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