The War at Home: The Policy & Practice Podcast

From press briefings and goings-on around Washington, D.C.

Lawmakers returned to their districts last week for their month-long break and health reform was pretty much at the top of the agenda for meetings with constituents.  Right away, it was clear that this was not going to be an ordinary summer recess, however.  Many representatives and Senators were met by angry mobs demanding to stop what they said was a “government takeover” of health care.

Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons user Robert Couse-Baker

Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons user Robert Couse-Baker

Hmmm, anyone remember way back in 1988 when disgruntled senior citizens chased then-Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dan Rostenkowski down a Chicago street like they were paparazzi after Britney Spears on a Beverly Hills shopping spree?  Some say that action derailed the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage program that was in play on the Hill at that time.  Could lightning strike twice? Such thoughts are ricocheting around the blogosphere (see here and here ) now that the debate’s shifted to Congress’ home turf.

For the latest on the war of words over health reform, take a listen to this week’s podcast.  Two, short-but-sweet, minutes.

Policy & Practice Podcast, August 10, 2009

–Alicia Ault (on Twitter @aliciaault)
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2 responses to “The War at Home: The Policy & Practice Podcast

  1. Paul

    It’s funny we hear Republicans say that they do not want “faceless bureaucrats” making medical decisions but they have no problem with “private sector” “faceless bureaucrats” daily declining medical coverage and financially ruining good hard working people. And who says that the “private sector” is always right, do we forget failures like Long-Term Capital, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Enron, Tyco, AIG and Lehman Brothers. Of course the federal government will destroy heathcare by getting involved, Oh but wait, Medicare and Medicaid and our military men and women and the Senate and Congress get the best heathcare in the world, and oh, that’s right, its run by our federal government. I can understand why some may think that the federal government will fail, if you look at the past eight years as a current history, with failures like the financial meltdown and Katrina but the facts is they can and if we support them they will succeed.

    How does shouting down to stop the conversation of the healthcare debate at town hall meetings, endears them to anyone. Especially when the organizations that are telling them where to go and what to do and say are Republicans political operatives, not real grassroots. How does shouting someone down or chasing them out like a lynch mob advanced the debate, it does not. So I think the American people will see through all of this and know, like the teabagger, the birthers, these lynch mobs types are just the same, people who have to resort to these tactics because they have no leadership to articulate what they real want. It’s easy to pickup a bus load of people who hate, and that’s all I been seeing, they hate and can’t debate. Too bad.

  2. Alicia Ault

    Thanks for your comment, Paul. And thanks for visiting our blog.

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