Patients With Diabetes Catch a Break

From the annual meeting of the Eastern Vascular Society in Philadelphia:

 It’s not easy for people with diabetes. Among their problems is that just about any other medical condition is worse when it happens against the backdrop of diabetes.

So a report on Sept. 24 that endovascular repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm (EVAR) in patients with diabetes is no more deadly or more likely to produce complications than in most anyone else came as a surprise. In contrast, prior study results had shown that open repair of abdominal aortic aneruysms causes more problems when done in diabetes patients.

“Patients with Diabetes Do as Well as Everyone Else.” Not the sort of headline you usually see. 

Jovan N. Markovic/photo by Mitchel Zoler

Jovan N. Markovic/photo by Mitchel Zoler

The study used data from more than 12,000  patients who underwent EVAR   during 2000-2005, a sample drawn from hundreds of U.S. hospitals.  The 12,000+ sample included 12% who had diabetes, 2% who had renal failure, and 0.4% who had both. In an analysis that controlled for a variety of  variables, patients with diabetes were just as likely as EVAR patients without diabetes to die while hospitalized, said Dr. Jovan N. Markovic, a surgeon at Duke University in Durham, N.C.. The two subgroups also had similar lengths of hospitalization, rates of routine discharge, and hospitalization costs.

Patients with renal failure didn’t do as well. Their in-hospital mortality was 16-fold higher than EVAR patients without renal failure.

—Mitchel Zoler, 1 AM on Sept. 25 in Wynnewood, PA (on Twitter @mitchelzoler)

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