If We Couldn’t Laugh, We Would All Go Insane

courtesy of flickr user Ljubic_R (creative commons)
courtesy of flickr user Ljubic_R (creative commons)

courtesy of flickr user Ljubic_R (creative commons)

I’m convinced that emergency physicians were, or wanted to be, in theater when they were in high school.  This is the second time I’ve covered the ACEP annual scientific assembly, and I’m struck again by how much fun it is to listen to the emergency docs.

Even on subjects that might turn out to be boring or mundane in other hands get a turbo charge at this meeting.  Only at ACEP will you hear a talk entitled, “Gnarly Wounds and the Best Approach to Deal With Them,” in which the speaker’s comments include, ” I think of wound history as a party invitation.”

And only at the ACEP annual meeting do you have speakers start of with a list of not 2-3, but 8-10 “objectives” to get through in 45 minutes, and they hit every mark. Basically, these docs are ON. But let’s face it, isn’t that what you want in an emergency physician when you show up on his or her watch at 5 a.m. No podium-clutchers here. Almost to a person, the ACEP presenters will not stay at the podium. They walk up and down, gesture, and joke, all while making important points about such serious subjects as head trauma and heart attacks.  I think you have to have a sense of humor to be an emergency physician and keep your sanity. But believe it or not, these docs love their work, and the rest of us are glad that they do.

Going to an emergency medicine meeting? Put on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

—Heidi Splete (on twitter @hsplete)
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