High Stakes for Physicians: The Policy & Practice Podcast


Photo by Mary Ellen Schneider.

From press conferences, interviews, and more around Washington, D.C.

Physicians have a lot riding on what happens in Congress this year. After months of wrangling over health reform, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) will try to get her version of the health overhaul bill through the chamber. The bill includes a public plan whose rates would be negotiated with physicians.

But that’s not the only legislative priority of great importance to doctors this year. Unless Congress steps in, doctors will face a 21% Medicare pay cut in 2010 and more cuts in the years to come. A bill that would have scrapped the widely criticized Medicare pay formula failed to gain traction in the Senate, but House Democrats are trying to keep the fix alive with their own bill.

Get all the details in the latest installment of the Policy & Practice podcast.

— Mary Ellen Schneider (@MaryEllenNY on Twitter)

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