All’s Fair in Love and Influenza?


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I’m a healthy 39-year-old with no chronic health conditions that put me into one of the H1N1 vaccine priority groups.  Still, when I found out yesterday at a routine visit that my ob.gyn was offering the vaccine to all patients, I couldn’t roll up my sleeve fast enough.  I felt a little guilty given shortage problems with the H1N1 vaccine in recent weeks…but not guilty enough to forego the shot.  I rationalized getting the vaccine by thinking that the public health is better off with everyone who wants the H1N1 vaccine getting it.  Why turn away those who want it?

What do you think?  Let us know by casting your vote in our poll.

—Kerri Wachter, @knwachter on Twitter

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2 responses to “All’s Fair in Love and Influenza?

  1. katejohnsonmednews

    I can sympathize with you Kerri. I’m a bit older (44), living in Canada, but also with asthma. I went two days ago for my shot – obeying the priority list. But other folks who weren’t yet eligible were on my mind. See my blogsite for a couple of musings about getting the shot.

  2. lbfarmer

    Wanted the shot, didn’t want the shot. Wanted it, didn’t want it. Wanted it. Didn’t mind waiting for it…. Flip flopping, and mostly not daring to wait in 2-3 hour lines for it, I was neither against nor committed to getting the shot. Then, my 5-year-old non-high-risk daughter got a fever and flulike symptoms while on the plane on Day 1 of a 7-day vacation in the Caribbean. (Who knows whom she spread her germs to on the plane. No, she did not have them before boarding.) … Wished we’d had the shot. Second-guessed leaving the country without it. … Want the shot.

    HMO behemoth Kaiser Midatlantic promises it will email me when the shots become available. … My family may have mustered it’s own immunity by then. That’s a best-case scenario, of course.

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