Doctors and Disney

courtesy of flickr user manoharD (creative commons)

From the Triological Society combined sections meeting in Orlando, FL:

Today at the Triological Society meeting, current president Dr. Frank E. Lucente gave an engaging speech about how some of Walt Disney’s guiding principles might apply to the world of medicine.

Dr. Lucente mentioned several Disney mantras, including the value of creating the type of environment that makes people feel good.

And Disney embraced new technology, he said. Then Dr. Lucente said something I thought was clever. He said that when kids (of all ages) ride roller coasters, there’s an element of fear, but ultimately there’s trust in technology. After the ride, the rider doesn’t really think about the technology anymore and just feels good.

 “Is that not something like the feeling of a person entering the operating room, experiencing some fear but putting full faith in technology?” Dr. Lucente asked.

That made me think about how a surgical team works. Although it’s not their job to entertain patients, it is part of their job to make patients feel confident before surgery. And if all goes well, the patient feels better afterwards, without thinking much about the technology that made it possible. Dr. Lucente got a standing ovation after his talk, so at least some of what he said about applying Disney principles to medicine must have struck a lot of chords.

That’s not to say that everyone being wheeled into the operating room will feel like they’re about to go on Space Mountain, but on the other hand, it is something to think about before the anesthesia kicks in . . . .

–Heidi Splete (On twitter @hsplete)

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