Feeling the Burn?

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Feeling burned out from your job as a doc? Maybe you’re not, but more than one-third of surgeons are.

The findings come from a survey of nearly 8,000 surgeons conducted in 2008 by the Mayo Clinic Research Center and the American College of Surgeons. The main findings were published in September 2009 but the current analysis, presented in St. Louis on March 6 during a symposium sponsored by the Society of Surgical Oncology, compared the responses of 407 surgical oncologists with those of 7,454 surgeons from other specialties. It found that 36% of surgical oncologists considered themselves to be burned out, compared with 40% of surgeons from other specialties.

As study presenter Dr. Charles M. Balch of Johns Hopkins University pointed out at the meeting, those are some pretty alarming numbers when you consider that quality of patient care is compromised when a physician feels burned out.

—Doug Brunk (on Twitter @dougbrunk)
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