Reconciliation? The Policy & Practice Podcast

Photo by Alicia Ault

President Obama’s been looking for a way to re-energize his supporters so that health reform will finally make its way through the House and Senate and on to his desk. Last week, he tried to rally the troops from the White House, giving a speech where he acknowledged — out loud — that the Democrats might have to resort to a process called reconciliation that could allow passage in the Senate with only a simple majority.

It was a dramatic moment, one that gave opponents a renewed vigor, also, as they declaimed the use of a procedural tactic to pass such historic legislation.

Meanwhile, physicians had plenty to occupy their thoughts, as they finally won a reprieve, albeit temporary, from Medicare pay cuts. And, the Administration signaled that it might start examining the business practices of malpractice insurers.

For all this and more, take a few minutes to listen to this week’s podcast.

— Alicia Ault (on Twitter @aliciaault)

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