SGR Tug-of-War Continues: The Policy & Practice Podcast

In yet another last-minute move last week, the U.S. Senate agreed to give physicians a six-month reprieve from the 21% cut in Medicare fees that was due to go into effect. However, the Senate fix, which was pulled out and separated from a larger package that would extend unemployment benefits, must now get approval from the House.

And Speaker Nancy Pelosi said over the weekend that she wasn’t going for the Senate’s offering.

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons user futureshape by attribution license

That leaves physicians in the center of a political tug-of-war over just how much the legislature is willing to spend to address their fate, and that of millions of jobless Americans, too.

For more on this continuing saga, and the hostility that spilled out at the American Medical Association’s annual policy making meeting, take a quick listen to our three-minute podcast on health reform and beyond.

— Alicia Ault (on Twitter @aliciaault)

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