Focus on Prevention: The Policy & Practice Podcast

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First Lady Michelle Obama recently took up the health reform mantle, touting the administration’s new regulations offering free preventive care to millions of Americans starting next year.

Under the rules, new group and individual health plans will have to offer a range of preventive screenings and services– from mammograms to well-child visits– without the usual copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. The new policy, which is mandated by the Affordable Care Act, will affect about 30 million people in group health plans and another 10 million in individual market plans, according to the Health and Human Services department.

Preventive services will be covered under the new policy as long as they are recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, or are part of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Bright Futures Guidelines. More services will be added to the list next summer, when a panel of experts makes recommendations specific to women’s health care. All eyes are on that panel to see if they add contraceptives to the list of covered services.

Check out this week’s edition of the Policy & Practice Podcast to hear what Mrs. Obama had to say about prevention and what requirements physicians will face under the government’s new incentive program for electronic health record adoption. Plus, we’ve got more on the Medicare physician payment crisis.

Take a listen and share your thoughts:

— Mary Ellen Schneider (on Twitter @MaryEllenNY)

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One response to “Focus on Prevention: The Policy & Practice Podcast

  1. M.Lopez

    It is ironic that the now policy is named “Affordable Care Act,” as I predict the health care bill will cause unforseen costs to consumers, both financially and physically.

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