Feds Hand Out Cash: The Policy & Practice Podcast

Image via Flickr user AComment by Creative Commons License.

Seniors got some and so did the states. Some doctors may be getting theirs soon. That’s federal dollars of course.

Members of the House of Representatives interrupted their August recess to come back to Washington for 1 day last week to vote on an aid package for states, $16 billion of which was increased funds for Medicaid. Many seniors also are getting checks from the federal government, though their share is quite a bit smaller. Medicare beneficiaries who have fallen into the Part D prescription drug doughnut hole will be getting a $250 rebate check from the government. The checks are part of the Affordable Care Act and are the first step in eventually closing the doughnut hole altogether. And physicians could qualify for some federal incentive payments next year, if they successfully implement electronic health records and meet government standards for their use.

Hear about all this and more in this week’s Policy & Practice Podcast.

Take a listen and share your thoughts:

Get your fill of the podcast now because the Policy & Practice team is taking a little break. We will return with more health reform news on Sept. 7.

— Mary Ellen Schneider (on Twitter @MaryEllenNY)

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