No More Tootsie Tanner?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers that the Tootsie Tanner is just plain dangerous. It’s labeled for up to 30 minutes of use, but based on testing, maximum exposure should be 20 minutes, said the agency in a posting to its website last week.  Using the device as labeled, “could result in an overdose of ultraviolet radiation which may cause immediate and delayed eye and skin injuries,” according to the posting.

The Tootsie Tanner. Photo via

What’s the Tootsie Tanner? A cleverly-named “portable” device aimed at people just plain embarrassed about fishy-looking feet.  Who might that be? Essentially, it was marketed to golfers, tennis players, and others (teenagers, as always) concerned about, heaven forbid, VISIBLE SOCK LINES.

The $200 mini tanning bed, just for feet, was sold through the in-flight SkyMall magazine,  on  Amazon and  via a variety of on-line retailers. Notice it “was” marketed.  The FDA is reporting that after selling about 3,000 of these units, the manufacturer, IPCH, LLC is “out of business.”

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