Video of the Week: Olympic Trauma Care


Trauma care at the Olympic Games focuses on getting the athletes back in the games.  That’s what Dr. Jay Doucet told our Doug Brunk at a critical care meeting sponsored by the University of California in San Diego.

Dr. Doucet—director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the university—was one of the clinicians who provided trauma care at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. In fact, he provided care at Whistler Mountain, where many of the high-speed events—-such as luge and bobsled—took place. “We did see quite a few injuries from that.  Luckily most were not serious or career-ending,” he said.

“The Olympics is a pretty rare event, and the opportunity to do well at the Olympics is something that these athletes really strive for.  You have to be totally focused on what they need. What they don’t need is more time off work or more narcotics. What they need is to get better.”

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