Video of the Week: Personalizing Cancer Medicine

New tools for molecular and genetic testing of cancer tumors could individualize cancer care and revolutionize cancer research, but only if more people start using them, according to Dr. Joseph R. Nevins of Duke University.

Dr. Nevin talked with our reporter, Sherry Boschert, about how molecular and genetic tools have the potential to speed cancer research and greatly improve cancer treatment, at a translational cancer medicine meeting sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research.

We have the tools that can be applied to these clinical studies that in many instances will give us the capability to identify those patients who will benefit from from a drug and so start moving toward trials that select subgroups of patients for the study based on those molecular characteristics and greatly improve the chance of success of the clinical study.

To see more great videos and to read about the latest medical news, check out Internal Medicine News.


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