Posing as a Cardiologist

Image via Flickr user gadgetdude by Creative Commons License

A stunning story of deceit hit the wires yesterday. Associated Press medical writer Marilynn Marchione reported that for at least 15 years, William Hamman posed as a cardiologist, most recently holding positions as an educator and researcher at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich.

According to the report, last spring Mr. Hamman was invited by the American College of Cardiology to participate in a seminar on fostering teamwork. He also spoke at continuing medical education events sponsored by the American Medical Association and the American College of Emergency Physicians.

There was one problem, though. He had no medical degree, a fact that was uncovered by Beaumont staff when he submitted paperwork for a grant last spring.

“I was shocked to hear the news,” Dr. W. Douglas Weaver, who was president of the ACC when it awarded Mr. Hamman a training contract a few years ago, was quoted as saying in the article. “He was totally dedicated to what he was doing, and there is a real need for team-based education in medicine.”

Click here to read the full story.

— Doug Brunk (on Twitter@dougbrunk)


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