Updated Skin Type Solutions

From the Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic and Clinical Conference:

Finding the right skin care products is a perpetual challenge for many people. Narrowing the field of products can save time, money, and aggravation.

photo by Heidi Splete

Dr. Leslie Baumann, author of The Skin Type Solution, made a guest appearance at the Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic and Clinical Conference to sign copies of the second edition of her book, and offer encouragement and pearls to an audience the included seasonal professionals as well as newly minted dermatology residents.

One of her key pearls: There is no single “best product.” The best product is different for each person, Dr. Baumann says, and identifying your skin type is one way to help identify which will work best for you (and your patients).

I spoke with Dr. Baumann about the updates to the book, which also categorizes products by price — helpful in recommending products for a spectrum of patients.

For more information about The Skin Type Solution, visit Dr. Baumann’s website, www.skintypesolutions.com

–Heidi Splete (on twitter @hsplete)

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