Present at the Creation: Family Physicians Reflect on 4 Decades

As family medicine was being formally recognized as a medical specialty in 1971, three young physicians were preparing to enter the field. For its inaugural issue, Family Practice News sat down with the second-year family practice residents at that time to find out what they thought of their training, their newly recognized specialty, and what their careers would hold.

Now, 40 years later, we’ve invited them to look back on how their expectations stacked up to the reality of clinical practice.

Although the three physicians came into the specialty in much the same way, their subsequent career choices led them down different paths.

To view Family Practice News’ original interviews in 1971 with Dr. Alva S. Baker, Dr. William D. Hakkarinen, and Dr. Daniel R. McCready, go to Family Practice News, Oct. 1971. To read their reflections 40 years later, check out the Feb. 15 issue of Family Practice News at


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