Video of the Week: Antimicrobial Resistance Getting Needed Attention

If you’re not already concerned about growing antimicrobial resistance, you should be. Growing antimicrobial resistance due to indiscriminate use of existing antibiotics and a lack of new ones in development could mean a return to the pre-antibiotic era of medicine with disastrous consequences.

We’re in a time of increasing antibiotic resistance and decreasing introduction of new antibiotic drugs … [this] sets us up for the possibility of returning to the preantibiotic era … you know historically the devastating consequences that people faced at that time.

Dr. James Hughes, president of IDSA

On World Health Day, the Infectious Diseases Society of America released the organization’s new policy paper, “Combating Antimicrobial Resistance: Policy Recommendations to Save Lives.” In particular, the IDSA stresses the need for better stewardship of existing antibiotic drugs and to increase incentives for research and development of new antibiotic drugs by drug companies.

Dr. Hughes talked with our reporter about the urgency of the the situation.

You can read more about the action called for in the new policy paper, by visiting Internal Medicine News.


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