Congress Tackles SGR…Again: The Policy & Practice Podcast

Lawmakers are once again debating the feasibility of replacing the Sustainable Growth Rate, that much-despised formula that requires ever-deeper cuts to physician pay under Medicare.  At a hearing last week, House members predicted that a potential alternative might be in the offing as soon as this summer.

Via Wikimedia Commons user AndreasPraefcke

It is indeed a Sisyphean task.  Leading the boulder-pushing in the House is Texas Republican Michael Burgess, who is also a doctor.

Physicians have heard it all before, but they are being given an opportunity to weigh in perhaps as they haven’t before.

House Republicans also took a swipe at the Affordable Care Act last week, passing two bills to defund some minor provisions of the law.

At the same time they were declaring victory, however, some members of the GOP admitted that it was becoming increasingly unlikely that they’d be able to repeal health reform.

For more on the congressional machinations, take a listen to this week’s three-minute installment of the Policy & Practice Podcast.

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—Alicia Ault (on Twitter @aliciaault)


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