Comment Period Open for HIPAA Rule Changes

Changes may be coming to HIPAA, now that the Department of Health and Human Services proposes to update everyone’s favorite privacy law.

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Currently, under HIPAA (formally the Health Insurance Privacy and Accountablity Act), covered entities — doctors, hospitals, and the like — are required to track access to electronic health information but required not to disclose that information. Under the proposal, patients would be able to get a report detailing who has requested access to their health records.

Georgina Verdugo, director of the HHS Office of Civil Rights,  said these changes are an effort to ensure patient privacy.
“This proposed rule represents an important step in our continued efforts to promote accountability across the health care system, ensuring that providers properly safeguard private health information,” Ms.Verdugo said. “We need to protect peoples’ rights so that they know how their health information has been used or disclosed.”

But the feds still want to know what you think about the proposed changes — comments will be accepted at until Aug. 1 2011.

And tell us too:

—Frances Correa (@FMCReports on Twitter)

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