Time to Bundle: The Policy & Practice Podcast

Federal health officials are looking for providers to test new bundled payment models under Medicare. With four options for bundling, the government is hoping to appeal to a wide range of health providers. So far, the American Medical Association has praised the model for its flexibility.

Courtesy C-SPAN

In other news, the Congressional Budget Office released its summer report and is warning lawmakers to make drastic cuts or face the grim prospect of skyrocketing budget deficits.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Fund released a report showing that a majority of Americans who’ve lost their jobs in the recession are going without needed medical care. Although the Obama administration is disputing the findings, the fund recommends extending jobless benefits.

For more on that, listen to this week’s Policy & Practice podcast:

Check back next week for details on the first steps of Congress’ deficit-reduction super committee.

—Frances Correa (@FMCReporting on Twitter)


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