mHealth Summit Kicks Off on Dec.5

The field of mHealth, or use of mobile devices for health purposes, is growing rapidly, and it can revolutionize the way physicians deliver care and patients access information or manage their diseases, experts say.

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In fact, the field “has exploded across the globe, spreading more rapidly than any other technology in history,” according to the organizers of the mHealth Summit, which kicks of Dec. 5 in National Harbor, Maryland.

Roughly 3,500 people are expected to attend the Summit’s third annual meeting, an increase of about 1,000 from 2010. The number of exhibitors has increased from 125 last year to 300 this year.

Sessions, many of which include physicians in their panel of speakers, tackle a wide range of issues, including the management of chronic diseases, remote monitoring of patients, mHealth for fieldworkers, in addition to regulatory and policy developments, and the business side of the emerging technologies and their interoperability.

I’ll be there covering the meetings, and you can follow me @NaseemSMiller.

You can also:

  • Find more information about the Summit here.
  • Download its mobile app here.
  • And follow or join the twitter conversation with #mhs11

And let me know if you’re attending. I’d be very interested in comments and input from physician attendees.


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2 responses to “mHealth Summit Kicks Off on Dec.5

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  2. Hello Mrs. Miller. The mHealth Summit was a complete success.It really shows that mobile technology will absolutely be the way of health care in the very near future, radically improving care and decreasing costs.
    I’m a general and trauma surgeon who is very involved with Telemedicine and mHealth related to trauma patients.Please check the recently released video at on “iPod Teletrauma” to se what we are doing at Eastern Maine Medical Center in this regard.
    I will be glad to chat with you if you have any questions.

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