You Asked For It: Top Five Dermatology Videos of 2011

What were dermatologists watching on YouTube from Global Medical News Network in 2011?  Here’s the top five countdown.

5.     New Drugs Help Melanoma Patients Live Longer: Dr. Lynn Schuchter puts the studies, which were presented at the 2011 ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago, in perspective and offers advice to oncologists. For more, visit

4.     Laviv May Offer Longer-Term Acne Scarring Tx: Azficel-T, an autologous cellular product, produced significant improvement in acne scarring, compared with placebo, according to new study results reported at the annual meeting of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Laviv was approved by the FDA earlier this year for treating wrinkles. This video features an interview with Dr. Girish Munavalli.

3.     How to ID and Treat Fire Ant Bites : Dr. Ronald Rapini talks about recognizing and treating fire ant bites.

2.     Eczema and Food Allergies Often Go Hand and Hand: Dr. Lawrence Eichenfield talks about atopic dermatitis, food allergies, and national guidelines.

Drum roll please…

1.     Gel Nail Polish: The Painted Truth: Dr. Richard K. Scher talks about the dangers of gel nail polish and gives tips to share with patients on how to have a safe experience at the nail salon.


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5 responses to “You Asked For It: Top Five Dermatology Videos of 2011

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