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Video of the Week: Has the Time Come for Genetic Testing of Early-Stage Lung Cancer?

Researchers have devised and validated an 11-gene expression test that can distinguish patients with stage I or II lung cancer who have a low, intermediate, or high risk for having micrometastatic disease after primary tumor resection that requires adjuvant chemotherapy. Our reporter Mitchel Zoler asked investigator Dr. Johannes Kratz to discuss the need for and strengths of the test.

The multigene assay can outperform conventional risk factors and staging, and may lead to personalized therapies for patients with early-stage nonsquamous non–small cell lung cancer. [Dr. Krause] 

You can read a more detailed analysis of the test and its implications on the  IMNG Oncology Digital Network.


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Video of the Week: New HIV Treatment Guidelines

The increased efficacy of antiretroviral therapy for HIV has changed the nature of HIV infection, according to Dr. Melanie A. Thompson. In response, treatment guidelines now call for treatment to begin earlier.  Our reporter, Mitchel Zoler, talked with Dr. Thompson about these changes at the 18th International AIDS Conference.

We now feel that the risks of untreated infection are tipping the scales toward earlier therapy.

Dr. Thompson is the principal investigator of the AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta and chairwoman of the panel that wrote the new recommendations. You can read Mitch’s story at Internal Medicine News.

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