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Reform Survives First Legal Test: The Policy & Practice Podcast

A federal judge in Detroit gave health reform its first legal victory last week, but the challenge was the first of many the Affordable Care Act will have to weather over the coming months, years, and possibly, decades.

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The White House read the judge’s opinion as backing the Constitutionality of requiring individuals to purchase health insurance.  The litigants — a conservative, self-described Christian law firm — believe the court left a wide gap for appeal.

Meanwhile, physicians are renewing their quest for justice — that is, an overhaul of the Medicare fee formula.  The current pay rate is due to expire Nov. 30.  Last week, the American Medical Association and dozens of other physician groups wrote to congressional leaders pressing for action during the post-election lame duck session.

For more on these issues and a brief interview with a health policy expert with the American College of Surgeons, take a listen to this week’s podcast:

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— Alicia Ault (on Twitter @aliciaault)

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